What services are provided by Birmingham orthodontics?

Birmingham orthodontics are qualified and experienced orthodontics who know their job and have a lot of knowledge regarding their field. They are experts in carrying out tough procedures and can nearly fix any problem related to teeth. After going through a tough and lengthy educational period, there are many services that they can provide. Listing them at one place would be difficult as they are so extensive but below are the major issues that they can treat.

Cases treated by orthodontics:

If you are experiencing any of the below mentioned problems, them it’s time that you visit orthodontic.

· Underbite, overbite, openbite or crossbite

· Spacing or crowding of teeth

· Have a misplaced midline

Services provided by orthodontics:

Some of the services provided by them are known by all of the people while many others are so unique that they are heard only a few times.

They can provide the following services:

· Tooth replacement service

· Tooth filling service

· Application of braces, invisalign and retainers

· Tooth whitening services

· Straightening the teeth

Other than the tooth related treatment, the job of orthodontics include the treatment of gum disorders like gingivitis or periodontal disease as well.

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